Sports data and content specialist Sportradar and PrizeLogic, an industry leader in incentivized engagement, have formed a strategic partnership to provide brands with a turnkey solution to better activate their sport sponsorships and engage consumers. 

The alliance marries Sportradar’s worldwide real-time sports data with PrizeLogic’s interactive consumer engagement capabilities to create real-time gamification experiences.

Also included in the deal is a range of real-time incentives such as predictive gaming, real-time offers and flock to unlock experiences that can be executed across a variety of marketing channels including in-stadium, across social media platforms and integrated into mobile apps.

“Sportradar is obsessed with enhancing the fan experience and we continually strive to create engaging and unique products that offer the best solutions for brands, publishers and broadcasters to monetize,” said Brian Josephs, Vice President of Digital Sport. “Partnering with PrizeLogic provides us with the platform that delivers the next generation of sports engagement.”

“At PrizeLogic, data driven engagement is a key strategy to drive relevance and create stronger, more meaningful consumer experiences,” said CEO Ryan LaMirand. “Our partnership with Sportradar provides brands with an easy, cost-efficient solution to extend the value of their sports marketing investments. Connecting with consumers in the moment creates such a powerful and emotional brand experience.”